Max Chester is a British composer and artist based between London and Boston. Not from a family of musicians, much of his distinctive sound was born from the raw and open setting of the marshland of Kent, UK, where he grew up. 

A piano student at the local school since a toddler, it was his seeming inability (at that age at least) to read sheet music that lead him to compose instead; a product of being so heavily reliant on his ear. With public performances of solo piano works and small chamber pieces from as young as seven years old, the composing bug had bitten him deeply and remains to this day. 

Aged 11 he recorded 'Yellowfish' - a mix-match album of original works and pop covers taken live at the studio of the same name. An unorthodox blend of modern classical and soul ballad, Max's hallmark of not-quite-in-the-genre writing was becoming eminent from the start. 

In pursuit of more rigorous education he moved at 13 to Tonbridge, UK, where over a few years he saw the first performances of his larger scale works. Most notably among these was the gentle orchestral storytelling "Old Man thinks about Tomorrow", dedicated to a close friend whose family had long been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and memory loss. 

Aged 18 and upon completion of his work at Tonbridge, Max swiftly moved to Boston, USA, to attend the renowned film scoring programme at Berklee College of Music. Quick off the mark and eager to hone his craft, Max hauled two years of study into his fist half-year at the college, focusing on evolving his creative aesthetic to be more informed by his theory, but without losing the organic sound of his home that is so important to him. 

Max is currently in the final year of his time in Boston, and is working in parallel as a skilled composer, orchestrator, and conductor for Film and TV.